Extra curricular opportunities and careers guidance

Extra curricular activities and opportunities

It is very important for schools and colleges to encourage students to develop as well rounded human beings with GREAT experiences that help them grow as young adults but also challenge them to become better leaders, organisers, be resilient, independent and confident !!! Coupled with great academic achievement these skills will help guide students towards appropriate and exciting post 16 education opportunities with fulfilling and happy careers .

As a college we have always offered many extra-curricular activities and clubs for students with numerous trips and educational visits and are looking to build on our existing programmes to incorporate this into all aspects student life .

Students in Year 7-9 will be asked to complete The Adventure Service Challenge Scheme which tasks them with a number of exciting and varied challenges from cookery to rambles and camping to road safety !! Once each challenge is complete students receive a Certificate which can be used when applying for jobs , post 16 provision or further awards such as Duke of Edinburgh . These challenges can be completed at college but also can be completed with family and friends in evenings and weekends .

Students in Year 10-11 have the opportunity to complete a bronze award for Duke of Edinburgh and can apply to do this in year 9 . Full completion of The Adventure Service Challenge Scheme and an application letter is necessary as places are limited . Those completing this award can then graduate to a silver award in Year 11 .

ALL year groups have also been challenged to get involved in college activities both during the day and afterwards from clubs and curriculum opportunities through to volunteering and careers development . Through these activities The College wants to encourage students to develop themselves as young adults with the ability to meet any challenges that they face in their lives both now and in years to come .

During The Year there will be a number of extra-curricular activities available on a weekly basis ( Weekly clubs section ) and sports fixtures throughout the academic calendar . Also , watch out for college trips that will be running for each year group culminating in 4 residential visits next July when we hope to take all students away on adventure challenges over 3 days and 2 nights * web links can be found in this section ( Enrichment week 2016-17 )


Students have the opportunity to take part in a number of exciting visits and excursions. Highlights from the last 12 months include trips to New York, Belgium, Oxford University, Shakepeare's Globe Theatre, The Natural History Museum, Wimbledon, Harry Potter World, The National Space Centre ,The Nottingham German Markets and Walesby for year 7 . The link for THIS years trips and college activities can also be found in this section and will be updated regularly as new trips and opportunities are booked by the college ( Annual trips confirmed ). The College is currently looking at a number of possible residentials for the future and hopes shortly to be able to offer parents a 5 year trips planner section - so to give families plenty of time to plan and prepare their children's extra curricular experience whilst at the college .

For all future trips

The College will require students to firstly return slips indicating that they want to be considered for a trip and only once all slips have been collected should payment be made ( after a period of time allowing for slips to be returned to college ) . In the event that there are too many students wanting to go ( per places available ) a draw will take place to determine who goes.

Please note that once a deposit has been paid this, and any further payments that have been made, become non returnable unless there is medical reason. A note confirming this from the students doctor is required before a refund can be made.