Staff & Governor contacts

Senior Leadership Team
Name Position Email
Mrs Stansfield Headteacher & CEO [email protected]
Mrs Hall Head of School [email protected]
Mr Drury Deputy Headteacher [email protected]
Mrs Phipp Assistant Headteacher & SENDCo [email protected]
Mrs Johnson Assistant Headteacher [email protected]
Mr Kruse Assistant Headteacher [email protected]
Mrs Robinson Assistant Headteacher [email protected]
Name Position Email
Mr Beaver Head of Year 7 [email protected]
Mr Wright Head of Year 8 [email protected]
Miss Shipway Head of Year 9 [email protected]
Miss Meek Head of Year 10 [email protected]
Mr Amliwala Head of Year 11 [email protected]
Performance Zone
Name Position Email
Mrs Mitcham Performance Ambassador [email protected]
Mrs Richards Head of Drama [email protected]
Miss Meek Head of Dance [email protected]
Mrs Kohut Head of Physical Education [email protected]
Mrs Hibbitt Teacher of Physical Education [email protected]
Mr Jacobs Sports Ambassador [email protected]
Mrs Glynn Head of Art [email protected]
Miss Rowell Teacher of Art [email protected]
Enterprise Zone
Name Position Email
Mrs Strickland Head of Business Studies [email protected]
Mrs Stanley Teacher of Business Studies & Humanities [email protected]
Mrs Robinson Assistant Headteacher & Teacher of Design Technology [email protected]
Mrs Hind Teacher of Design Technology [email protected]
Mr Newman Teacher of Business Studies [email protected]
Mr Mahal Head of Information Communication Technology [email protected]
Mr Longley Computer Science Teacher [email protected]
Discovery Zone
Name Position Email
Mr Powell Head of Science [email protected]
Mr Bond Second in Science [email protected]
Ms Beale Teacher of Science [email protected]
Miss Mullen Teacher of Science [email protected]
Mr Hallifax Teacher of Science [email protected]
Mr McNaughton Teacher of Science [email protected]
Mr Pancholi Teacher of Science [email protected]
Mr Swain Teacher of Science [email protected]
Culture Zone
Name Position Email
Mr Taylor Head of Humanities [email protected]
Ms Cooper Teacher of Geography & KS3 Leader [email protected]
Miss Quigley Teacher of Humanities (SMSC/PSHCRE) [email protected]
Mrs Seed Teacher of Geography [email protected]
Mr Potter Teacher of Geography [email protected]
Ms Hughes Teacher of Humanities [email protected]
Mrs McMillan Teacher of Humanities [email protected]
Mrs Sharkey Teacher of Humanities [email protected]
Mrs Carter Head of Modern Foreign Languages [email protected]
Mrs Loftus Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages [email protected]
Miss Farrar Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages [email protected]
Communication Zone
Name Position Email
Mrs Neath Head of English [email protected]
Ms Teece Teacher of English [email protected]
Ms Mansworth Second in Department [email protected]
Mrs Kettle Teacher of English [email protected]
Ms Shipway Teacher of English [email protected]
Ms Pedder Teacher of English [email protected]
Mrs Hollands Teacher of Maths [email protected]
Mrs Devey Teacher of Maths [email protected]
Mrs Burdett Head of Maths [email protected]
Mr Page Teacher of Maths [email protected]
Mrs Griffiths Teacher of Maths [email protected]
Miss Cragg Teacher of Maths [email protected]
Mrs Varley Numeracy Co-ordinator [email protected]
Mrs Gresley-Jones Maths Guru
Name Position Email
Ms Teesdale Student Manager [email protected]
Mrs Hanson Student Manager [email protected]
Mrs Gladwell Attendance Officer [email protected]
Mrs Mabbott Attendance Assistant [email protected]
Mr O'Brien Vocational Tutor [email protected]
Cover Supervisors
Name Email
Mrs Oates [email protected]