With summer fast approaching and the possibility of families starting to look at uniform for the next academic year this feels like the ideal opportunity to explain how we intend to move forward with regard to uniform at JFC. After discussion, we felt that a single prescribed uniform and nominated supplier was not appropriate and wanted to continue giving families choice when selecting clothing for College. However, we recognise the need for more tailored guidance and therefore have added to the attached policy the recommended suitable clothing that can be purchased from suppliers that fit the requirements at JFC. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that these items are sought as other items may NOT be suitable and could lead to issues and possible sanctions.

We felt that further guidance was necessary as not only do students try to bend the rules but also retailers have on occasion sought to sell items to families that do not meet policy requirements.

Please see our approved uniform below we recommend have a couple of providers who stock all approved uniform for John Ferneley College:



-Marks & Spencer

-Schoolwear Solutions

Typical misleading responses about uniform by students: JFC Response:
‘No-one EVER checks uniform’ Uniform is checked on a daily basis
‘Everyone wears jeans / leggings’ Jeans and leggings are unacceptable items of uniform
‘It’s the fashion – I HAVE to wear this to fit in!’ JFC uniform promotes identity and inclusivity
‘Trainers are fine’ All footwear should be all black and polishable
‘Trainers with logo’s are alright’ All footwear should be devoid of logos & accessories
‘Everyone wears these’ Always refer to the Uniform Policy when purchasing uniform.

Please contact Mr Drury if there is anything you would like to discuss further regarding uniform, however, please do take the time to read through the policy as this will give you the relevant information needed to purchase correct uniform.

Uniform Policy