Vision and ethos

I am incredibly proud to be the Headteacher of John Ferneley College. It is also a responsibility that I take very seriously.

We pride ourselves on being an ‘all inclusive’ college. We recognise that students join us with a wide range of academic, cultural and social starting points. Every child is equal and we aspire to meet the needs of every single child, regardless of their starting point on entry to the college.

We want no one to be left behind.

We also recognise that young people are far more likely to thrive in an environment where they are recognised individually and feel valued for who they are. This is the sort of school that we aspire to be – every day.

We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that students leave us with choices: in both academic, cultural and social terms. We work tirelessly to ensure that each student achieves their very best potential in the qualifications which are will give our young people the very best chance to achieve success in life.

We also take seriously our responsibility to create enriching opportunities for our young people during their time with us, so that they leave us as fully rounded, successful young adults.

We recognise that all of this is only possible if John Ferneley College is a happy place for everyone, both adults and children – as Headteacher, it is my responsibility to cultivate this unique environment where everyone has the potential to thrive.