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Admission Consultation 2020

John Ferneley College is required to consult about their admission arrangements at least every seven years.  We are proposing to make changes to the oversubscription priority criteria for entries from September 2020 and mid-term applications from the 2020/21 academic year, and for subsequent years until further notice.  We are not proposing to make any changes to the catchment area, nor the current list of named primary schools that are ‘feeder schools’.

We are seeking your views on the proposed admission arrangements.  The consultation will run for six weeks from Monday 17th December 2018 to Monday 28th January 2019 inclusive.  Full information regarding the admission consultation can be found below.  Hard copies of these documents can be provided upon request from John Ferneley College.

Overview of proposed changes

John Ferneley College (JFC) is part of the Mowbray Education Trust (a multi-academy trust), which also includes Oasis Pre-school and five local primary schools.  These are Ab Kettleby, Brownlow, The Grove, Sherard & Somerby; all of which are traditional feeder schools for John Ferneley College.

The Mowbray Education Trust (Trust) now cares for children aged 2 to 16 and views education as a continuum over that age range.  The Trust are working towards reducing any barriers to children’s progress when they move from primary to secondary school.  Staff from the Trust Primary Schools and JFC work together to ensure that the curriculum and teaching support the aim of delivering outstanding outcomes at Key Stage 4 (GCSEs).  The proposed change of admission arrangements seeks to support that continuum by increasing the likelihood of children from Trust Primary Schools being able to attend JFC in the event of the it being oversubscribed.

The proposed changes further support the inclusion agenda. Additional housing in the Borough may impact on some of our existing disadvantaged children, who we are now nurturing in pre-school and primary school.  Without these changes, these children may find themselves further disadvantaged by virtue of their location; and not able to obtain a place under the existing oversubscription criteria.

Staff recruitment and retention is also an increasing challenge. The Trust considers that prioritising children of JFC staff will further support the provision of high quality teaching at JFC.  None of the proposed changes guarantee a place to a particular category of child, but rather changes the likelihood of them receiving a place in the event that JFC is oversubscribed.

We welcome all responses to this consultation, either by returning the response form below or by emailing [email protected] .  Following the close of the consultation, the Trustees of the Mowbray Education Trust will then consider all responses before making a final decision.  This will then be published on the JFC website by 1st March 2019, along with information about how any objections can be lodged with the Office of the School Adjudicator.

A consultation meeting is also being held from 5:00pm to 6:00pm at John Ferneley College on Tuesday 15th January 2019, where there will be an opportunity to ask questions and give feedback.