a remarkable assembly

24 March 2017 · Head Teacher's blog

This week, I was fortunate enough to be able to get to Year 7's assembly. In it, they heard a most remarkable young man, James Healey, speak honestly and openly about what it is like to have Autism. Words do not do justice to what he achieved in this presentation: both in terms of his own personal accomplishment and the wider impact he had on our community. Many students would find speaking in front of their peers understandably daunting, particularly if speaking about something so personal - but he seemed to speak without nerves and with a simple trust in his audience. They did not let him down. They listened respectfully and were clearly moved by what he had to say.
Mr Beaver summed up my sense of pride beautifully when he commended our students on their acceptance of each others' differences. Indeed it is this maturity and tolerance of each other that makes me feel humbled. Thank you, James, for bringing out the best in us this week.

(I should also add that a clip of his assembly will be available shortly!!)

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