All Aboard!

12 May 2017 · Head Teacher's blog

Just been preparing a strategic planning day for our governors. Often at this point in the year, we focus on setting the strategic direction and from there, writing the development plan for next year. This year it’ll be a bit different. You see, we haven’t changed direction. When I look at the things we were saying last year, we are on the same journey – just a year in. In fact, it is really quite reassuring. The things we said were our key priorities a year ago, are still our key priorities and it is very rewarding to consider the impact of our actions in improving these areas in just a year (at least, that is my view). It will now be the job for my governors to help me find the gaps – which bits are not going in the ways we expected? They will be triangulating our story to ensure we will be just where we wanted to be at this point. Very much like setting out on a sailing boat really: are we on course to end up where we wanted to? Have we been blown off course by a government policy change, or a teacher recruitment issue? I don’t think so but I look forward to governors agreeing!

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