An animal lover's thanks

16 June 2017 · Head Teacher's blog

OK, so it's probably out there that I am a dog lover. However, I was reminded this week of the benefit of all animals. The school cat has taken to waiting for me in the mornings and then following me into my office. On Tuesday, he arrived at 7.15am and stayed until lunchtime. (I think he gets a kick out of the status of the Headteacher's office). He also moves my Pug cushion around until he is quite comfortable, then settles down. On Friday, he was in early too, as usual, sorting out the furniture to suit himself. For various reasons, Friday turned into quite an exciting day, one of those ones where everything seems to be happening at once and things can feel a little 'intense'. It was then that I really was grateful for Norman(?) the cat. Every time I had a chance to glance over at him, he was sprawled across the cushion, in what looked like heaven. He was completely oblivious to everything going on around him, adjusting himself only so that he could be positioned in the direct sunlight from the window. It was quite hard to feel stressed when I looked at him. Thank you Norman, well played, my friend.

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