Careers advice - a few useful tips from one of our parents

6 March 2017 · Enrichment Blog , News

Professional Life – how to make a success of your early career

Don’t panic about making a final career decision now. In my 25-year work life so far I have had three careers: film industry camera crewmember, osteopath and doctor. I have never pursued the expected path and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Careers evolve and it’s never too late to change. Whatever your work, the key to success is broadly the same. Decent qualifications are vital keys to open the door to the job of your dreams, but once through that door it's also what you do. It’s about your work ethic – your overall approach to work. It’s fabulously simple and can be achieved in a heartbeat:

  1. Turn up on time. No excuses. If you struggle to get up, get to bed early and set your alarm early enough for your go-slow part of the morning. Being late is disrespectful and starts your day off badly.

  2. Keep a smile on your face. Whether your job is saving the world or making tea, everyone, including you, will feel better if you do it with a decent attitude.

  3. Be willing to learn. We are all born knowing nothing and therefore we all have to learn. Be curious. Watch and listen. Ask questions early on, when you are not expected to know the answers. Remaining silent when you are unsure isn't helpful and after a while it may feel too late and awkward to ask.

  4. Maintain a good work-life balance. We all need fun time. Without it, work becomes all-consuming and we burn-out.

  5. Treat your colleagues with respect, whether they are above or below you on the ladder. Get to know them and give them time. They will support you on your journey.

Luckily, you will find these keys to success are pretty much the same as the keys to enjoyment. And we work for so many hours in our lives, it makes no sense not to relish it. Work hard, play hard. Be punctual. Keep smiling. And if you don’t enjoy your job, work to change it; it is never too late.

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