CEO blog update - commitment - and getting in right

27 April 2018 · Head Teacher's blog

My dad said many things. One or two of things he said were spot on. He worked in a bank all his life: a job he hated - he spent his whole life wishing he could be a farmer - and said ‘Whatever happens, try to do a job that you would pay to do.’ My first career experiment ended with me selling cars - it was a complete disaster. At that time, I remember thinking: imagine getting paid to talk about books, to children who are sort of expected to listen. Cool! The rest is sort of history, I suppose. All of this I remembered when I was leaving one of our schools on Friday at somewhere around 5pm. I saw one of our fantastic Science team, being followed like the Pied Piper, by a group of Year 8 students, breathless with excitement as they were about to test the rockets they had built. I though: that Science teacher’s cracked it!!!

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