Creating more time for the fun stuff - the workload challenge

10 March 2017 · Head Teacher's blog

The Department for Education have recently been undertaking a piece of work called 'The Workload Challenge'. They have been listening to teachers who are struggling to manage all the work that come as part of teaching, as well as additional tasks that seem to be increasing. I'm delighted. About a year ago, we decided to analyse the impact of all the work that teachers undertake. This work caused us to recognise that some things teachers were doing were having little impact on students. These tasks were also preventing them from spending more time on high impact work. Ridiculous. As a head, I would rather my teams are focusing only on things that are having the biggest impact on the progress students make. This analysis has caused us to change some of our habits as a school and as teachers and I can honestly say we haven't looked back - the progress our students make has improved significantly too. Nice. Happy students, happy parents, happy teachers, happy headteacher.

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