Half term half way through

9 June 2017 · Head Teacher's blog

If you're a teacher of Year 11, summer half term is always tense. If you're a parent, it's even worse. For some of our students they are so conscientious and prepared, that half term feels a bit frustrating because they are ready and geared up but then have to stop and wait for the next raft of exams. I can see that the waiting makes them more tense. For other students, they have organised their revision into a 'before and after' approach, so half term is crucial for them to catch up on revision for 'after' exams. Either way, it makes me so very grateful to the teachers who are willing to give up their time to support either group of student through their holidays, either by creating structured revision slots for them, or to reassure them that they're fine! Sessions were running throughout the week and on Saturday and Sunday. I am humbled by the commitment of my teachers - and my students. Thank you.

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