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22 September 2017 · Head Teacher's blog

I have had the privilege of welcoming parents to our school this week, as part of open week. Seeing a school in action is the very best - indeed the only - way to assess how a school actually is. Wandering round with parents forces you to see things as they actually are and it made me feel very proud indeed. We saw the best teaching and learning - the best relationships - that I have seen in my career. Our teachers are passionate about their subjects and have high expectations of their students. Better than that, it is clear that they like students and enjoy working with them - this brings about a mutual respect and understanding which underpins everything: the foundation of a very successful school. All of this is even more remarkable in our current teacher recruitment crisis. I was asked by someone from the DFE a week or so ago, how we were managing, given the challenges schools in the East Midlands are facing, in relation to attracting and recruiting great teachers. I honestly don't have the definitive answer apart from referring to our strategies to address the workload challenge and a focus on biscuits. Long may it continue!!

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