Head's blog update - welcome back!

12 April 2018 · Head Teacher's blog

I hope you all had a very good Easter - of course, by the time we have been back for a morning, I get so immersed in it all, I can hardly remember there was a break! And so it would appear that we are now in the summer term and perhaps the most exciting time of year. I know for many of our community, there is a sense of excitement and anticipation: teachers; teaching assistants, pupils and parents have been preparing for final exams that will be very shortly upon us. I’ve worked in schools for long enough to know that it is completely pointless to suggest that we ‘relax and calm down’, however, I can say how very proud I am of the hard work that has got us to this point. I honestly cannot think of a team that could have done any more. Bring it on!

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