In defence of the middle aged

3 March 2017 · Head Teacher's blog

So, I was in McDonalds with my younger son at the weekend. I was trying to keep up with a discussion about modern social media and we explored why it was that I was so bad at it and he was so good. Then it struck us both at the same time: in any spare time he has, he is honing his social media skills: finding out about new stuff and how to use it and sharing his undoubted expertise with his friends. Simultaneously, I will be either doing school work, or engaged in adult chores. It's not that the middle aged are stupid, it's just that we do not have the time, inclination, or motivation to become expert. I suppose in the same way, when I was his age, all my efforts went into knowing the top 40, who was on Top of the Pops that week, what they wore, rating their performance, learning song lyrics and the rest. My parents in the meantime, were working and engaged in boring adult stuff. I can't believe it's taken me so long to work out the obvious. But I certainly feel better. His Snapchat expertise is equivalent to my mild obsession with the world of Education. I like to think we finished our Egg McMuffins with a refreshed mutual respect.

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