It's definitely coming - the opportunity for a shout out!!

1 December 2017 · Head Teacher's blog

It’s definitely coming in the distance - those bells are getting louder..... This Friday marks the start of Christmas in Melton, with the big switch on. As usual, a group of our very talented musicians will be performing in the town square and I have to do a big shout out for Mrs Mitcham, our very inspiring leader for music. She works tirelessly to create exciting musical opportunities for students, all the way through the year. Our students love her and throw themselves in to what she throws at them, with complete gusto. She is also enormously important in helping to support our students through all the other aspects of the curriculum: through the vehicle of music and the performing arts. However, it is a Christmas when she draws the complete attention of all non musical members of the community - particularly at the JFC Carol service on the last day of term. I am so grateful to her for all of her work and the so important role she plays in our community — and for her particular sparkle at Christmas. So join me in a big shout out for Mrs Mitcham.

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