It's packing up time - or nearly

23 June 2017 · Head Teacher's blog

One of my earliest memories is when I used to go to playgroup. My mum ran the playgroup, so I used to think it gave me licence to be particularly precocious (some memories have just come back to me - how embarrassing). I remember deciding when playgroup was nearly over, I took it upon myself every day, to stand at the top of the small flight of stairs, and yell 'Packing up time!!!!!!', with a long drawn out shout at each of the syllables. Consider I am doing the same now. There are three weeks left until the end of term and so much to pack in to them! Today was our glorious Sports Day. It has turned into a most brilliant community event, with everyone involved at some level and in some way. I was gutted that I missed the event this year, however I loved seeing the various footage throughout the day: the Year 7 versus Year 10 dance off; the gloriously competitive races; the staff race (I wish just one year there wouldn't be a sporting injury). A fantastic event all round. I am so grateful to the PE team for their leadership of this event and to all the staff who supported them. I'm also delighted with the students, who through themselves into every aspect of it. I'm so proud of our community. Not long until enrichment week!!

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