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16 March 2017 · Head Teacher's blog

So, in August we launched our new Commitment scores. Gone were the old effort grades that we reported on: these used to be a score from 4 to 1, with 4 being 'Excellent' and 1 being 'Serious cause for concern'. For a 1, students had to do everything their teacher asked, always do their homework and complete all their classwork. In August, we raised the stakes. Our new Commitment scores go from +5 to -5. We say, if a student is doing everything their teacher asks, always doing their homework and completing all their classwork, that was a 0. Actually, there is capacity to do MORE than the work prescribed by a teacher. Equally, there is capacity to do less which would put a student into the minus. This raising of the bar came about because we are increasing seeing our students doing more than their teachers are asking them. It is fantastic to watch. Since we introduced the commitment scores, upped the challenge, our students have responded amazingly. Every single year group has seen their commitment score average increase in every single tracking round since the start of term. It is just phenomenal. As an entire school, our Commitment score has gone from 0.12 to 0.45. This means that on average, every student always does all their homework and classwork for their teacher and a growing majority are doing quite a bit more. This is amazing: I'm going to need to do a bit of thinking about how to mark this superb litmus test of the culture of our school. Our students are remarkable!!

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