Power of team

1 July 2017 · Head Teacher's blog

We're now well in the thick of end of term activities and it is when I get a clearest sense of being in a team, to be honest. When you're in a team, you don't have to be good at everything, the trick is to know your gaps and ensure that those gaps are not the same as the gaps of those around us. I teach English and like to think I understand teaching and learning, literature, assessment, progress - all those things - pretty well. They are certainly my absolute passion. I have never been into shows or sport, to my own detriment and regret. I am therefore extremely relieved to have people in my team for whom these are their passions. Sports day was Friday and it was a proper, first class sporting event - but more importantly it was a community event and it was perfect. This Thursday and Friday, we have our 'One Night Only' production and it is whipping up a sense of excitement across the whole school. Now I like to think that progress in lessons can do the same thing, but even I understand that it is not exactly the same. I can't wait to see it and when I am sitting in the audience, I shall secretly thank you likely stars for our amazingly passionately different staff that fill my gaps!

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