Term Dates 2018-19

16 November 2017 · News

Click here for 2018-19 term dates.

Dear Parent/Carer

Please be aware that the dates for holidays for 2018-19 have just been released and are now on our website.

Setting holiday patterns is never an easy decision and the Head teacher team across the MET looked closely at a range of factors and different models that other local schools are applying for 2018-19.

You will also be aware that in recent years, many schools and clusters of schools have deviated from the Leicestershire model. This year for example, the Autumn half term was different for many schools in the immediate area, in some cases by up to three weeks!

For 2017-18, we chose to stick with the Leicestershire model in order to make it easier for families but have had much negative feedback in relation to the imbalance in the length of half terms and how that might affect learning. Moreover, disruption happened anyway because neighbouring schools chose to adopt different patterns which affected families. For 2018-19, there is even more inconsistency in holiday patterns in schools across Leicestershire and in neighbouring counties.

Very aware of possible disruption to families, we have worked hard to stick to the Leicestershire model as far as possible and we have minimised changes compared with many other schools. A decision was finally made based on what would be best for the whole trust community, taking in feedback from across the trust and most importantly, putting the learning of children first. This year, the only difference affects Autumn half term, which you should be aware of.

If you need to discuss this further please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Yours sincerely

Lara Hall Head of School

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