The emotional last week

7 July 2017 · Head Teacher's blog

That's it then, another year nearly wrapped up. As I write, I am being given regular updates about the prom - and it looks amazing. This is the first year when I've not been allowed to stay to the bitter end, as my son is attending the event in his capacity as an ex Year 11 student. I always find it an emotional time - as the year group slowly uncouples itself from the JFC ties, and tonight marks one of those 'uncouplings'. It's a hell of a rite of passage, seeing all these fantastic young people, who we have invested so much time, energy and thought into over the last five years, embark on the next stages of their journeys. Mixed feelings this year: usually after the prom, I imagine our Year 11 walking into the sunset on a romantic next stage, not to see many of them again until results day. This year, I expect I will see one of them sitting in my front room in the morning!! If you haven't had a chance to see the Leavers video for 2017, please do have a look at our facebook page: it has become the stuff of legend, and whether I like it or not, seems to capture our rather 'unique' culture, rather well!!

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