The merits of getting it wrong

3 October 2015 · Head Teacher's blog

Thank you so much to all those who were able to attend our first Community Numeracy lesson - (particularly the very patient parent who was in my team)!! It was enormous fun - not only really very useful in Mathematical terms - but very revealing about how we are as learners. In adulthood, it's often easy to forget what it's like to be in a lesson - on the receiving end, as it were. I thought I knew my teachers pretty well but in this context, everything was different: those I thought were quite chilled out became ruthlessly competitive. While I didn't see anyone cheating, the desire to win was tangible and at various points, you could cut the air with a knife!! Equally, there were times when I retreated into myself, not wanting to share my answer in case I was wrong - and this was pretty much the point of the sessions - to build our confidence in Maths, so that we can support our students to be brave enough to get things wrong sometimes. My enormous thanks to our wonderful Maths team for organising the session.

If you couldn't make it, there is a repeat - open to EVERYONE - on Monday 12th October, between 6-7pm at the college. Please ring if you would like to attend - it would be wonderful to see you!

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