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Coronavirus testing - January / February 2021

Last updated - 8th January 2021

Before the announcement (Monday 4th January) about schools being partly closed for on-site provision, the plan was for all secondary aged students to be tested in the first two or three weeks of being back to school in the Spring term, known as 'Mass Testing'.

Then following Mass Testing, the plan was for secondary aged students to do daily testing if they are identified as the close contacts of a confirmed coronavirus case.

However, in light of the national lockdown announcement, the Department for Education has now confirmed that the plan now is to test staff, vulnerable children and children of critical workers who are on secondary school sites - two tests, three to five days apart, next week.

Then to offer:

• weekly testing for all staff; and

• daily ‘close contact’ testing for those students attending secondary schools during the current period of national restriction.

Please see revised Risk Assessments for testing arrangements below: