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Exams - summer 2020

Please read the two documents below for information from the government about how results have been calculated this year under the Calculated Assessment Grades process: 

In addition to this, we have provided some detail below about how teachers have calculated the GCSE grades we submitted to the exam boards.

Guide to CAG calculations (2020)

Heads of Department worked with their team to analyse all internal results. They and their teams identified key assessments which would be used. Those selected, where possible, were those that had been completed for the whole cohort, and undertaken under exam conditions. Most commonly, these were mock exams or other internal assessments completed under exam conditions. We were fortunate in that every department had a significant amount of data which they could use.

They used these identified assessments to draw up a rank order of all students. They then had a series of meetings with all the teachers of these groups, where they discussed every single student’s performance, exploring how representative this was, whether any special circumstances should be considered. Teachers were challenged to bring any additional evidence which should be factored in to explain the students’ performance if they felt it was not representative of what they would achieve if they sat the exam in June. These meetings were recorded and have been quality assured.

Following the agreement about the rank order, grades were assigned based on our experience of previous cohorts and what grades we would predict students would achieve if they had sat the exams in June.

All of the data was quality assured by Heads of Department, and then by the Senior Leadership Team. It was checked further by the Head of School and then finally signed off by Christine Stansfield - CEO/Executive Headteacher.

If you disagree with the result you have been given, please read the linked documents above.

If you are still unhappy, please contact [email protected] where the Centre Assessment Grade Review Officer will be in contact with you to discuss the opportunity to review the grading decision in your case.

They will explore whether an administrative error was made by the school in submission. They will review the grading decision the school made and share the evidence with you so that you understand how the grade decision was calculated.

As you will have seen from the government documentation, there are plans to allow students to retake their GCSE exams in the Autumn term, if they feel they need to. If you would like to do this, please email Claire Hall (Exams Officer) at [email protected] so that we can support you with this.