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STEM tRIP- NASA ORLANDO USA- Current Year 7s and 8s

This trip will be taking place on from Sunday 28th March to Friday 2nd April 2021. 

A copy of the launch letter and PowerPoint has been attached to the Important Information section on this page. 


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Year Group(s)

Current Year 7s and 8s (Year 9s and 10s at the time of the trip)

Cost and payment plan

Total cost of the trip is £1917.00 (excluding spending money). Payments are required to be made via School Gateway. 

Date due                                                Payment and Amount            Amount paid to date

Monday 18th November 2019              £250 (deposit)                        £500

Friday 31st January 2020                        £2500                                       £750.00

Tuesday 31st March 2020                       £250                                         £1000

Friday 29th May 2020                              £250                                         £1250

Friday 3rd July 2020                                 £250                                        £1500

Friday 9th October 2020                         £250                                         £1750

Monday 7th December 2020                 £167                                         £1917

Full payment must be made by the payment deadline in order to keep your child’s place. Non-payment may result in your child’s place being at risk.       

Please note that the cost of this trip is non-refundable. If your child is unable to attend the trip due to a new medical condition, a refund can be claimed through our insurance subject to a £100 excess fee, as long as medical evidence is provided. If your child decides that they no longer wish to attend the trip a cancellation charge may apply.

Trip Status 

Allocation of all available spaces has been fulfilled. 

Additional Information

If you have any further questions regarding this trip, please email Miss K Shotton at [email protected]