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Senior Leadership Team

Chris Stansfield

CS CEO of Mowbray Education Trust [email protected]


Lara Hall

LMH Head of School [email protected]

Phil Kruse

PK Assistant Headteacher [email protected]

Judith Johnson

JJ Assistant Headteacher [email protected]

Emily Phipp

EP Assistant Headteacher & Director of Inclusion [email protected]

Hayley Robinson

HR Assistant Headteacher [email protected]

Richard Taylor

RT Assistant Headteacher [email protected]

Pastoral Care Team

L Meek LM Pastoral Leader: Year 7 [email protected]
L Hanson LH Student Manager: Year 7 [email protected]
J Beaver JEB Pastoral Leader: Year 8 & 9 [email protected]
J Taylor JT Student Manager: Year 8 & 9 [email protected]
S Amliwala SA Pastoral Leader: Year 10 & 11 [email protected]
Sonia Teesdale ST Student Manager: Year 10 & 11 [email protected]

Art, Design and Technology

Julie Glynn JG Head of Art, Design and Technology [email protected]
Eileen Hind EH Second in Department [email protected]
Hayley Robinson HR Assistant Head & Teacher of Design and Technology [email protected]
Sharon Rowell SR Teacher of Design and Technology [email protected]

Business Studies

S Stanley SS

Head of Business Studies & Head of Futures

[email protected]
K Oliver KO Teacher of Humanities & Business Studies [email protected]

Computer Science

G Mahal GM Head of Computer Science [email protected]
J Longley JL Teacher of Computer Science [email protected]


S Richards SDR Head of Drama [email protected]


L Neath LN Head of English [email protected]
M Kettle MK Second in Department [email protected]
J Beaver JEB Teacher of English [email protected]
D Lakins DL Teacher of English [email protected]
S Stewart SS Teacher of English [email protected]
R Oxbrough RO Teacher of English [email protected]
E Pedder EPE Teacher of English [email protected]
H Polley HP Teacher of English [email protected]
J Johnson JJ Assistant Head & Teacher of English [email protected]
S Makda SM6 Teacher of English [email protected]
E Barker EB Teacher of English [email protected]


S Cooper SC Head of Geography [email protected]
N Lewis NL Teacher of Geography [email protected]
A McMillan AMc Teacher of Geography [email protected]
M Potter MP Teacher of Geography [email protected]
K Seed KS Teacher of Geography [email protected]


S Edwards SJR Head of History [email protected]
L Geraghty LG Teacher of History [email protected]
P Kruse PK Assistant Headteacher &Teacher of History [email protected]
K Oliver KO Teacher of Humanities & Business Studies [email protected]
E Strickland ES Teacher of Humanities & SMSC Coordinator [email protected]
R Taylor RT Assistant Headteacher & Teacher of History [email protected]


R Franklin REF Head of Mathematics (On Maternity) [email protected]
W Branch-Evans WBE Head of Mathematics (Maternity Cover) [email protected]
E Cragg EC Head of Mathematics (Maternity Cover) & STEM Coordinator [email protected]
H Devey HD Teacher of Mathematics [email protected]
T Doran TD Teacher of Mathematics [email protected]
C Griffiths CG Teacher of Mathematics [email protected]
A Page AP Teacher of Mathematics [email protected]
E Poulter EJP Teacher of Mathematics [email protected]
F Neep FN Teacher of Mathematics [email protected]
H Keightley HK Teahcer of Mathematics [email protected]

Modern Foreign Languages

C Newbold CN Head of MFL (On Maternity) [email protected]
R Cunningham RGC Head of MFL (Maternity Cover) [email protected]
C Grimes CG2 Leader for Languages for MET [email protected]
K Mucke KM Teacher of MFL [email protected]
D Gonzalez DG2 Teacher of MFL [email protected]
M Smith MS Teacher of MFL [email protected]


L Mitcham LZM Head of Music & Performance Ambassador [email protected]

Physical Education

D Hibbitt DH Head of PE [email protected]
N Kohut NKO Teacher of PE & ITT Co-ordinator [email protected]
P Jacobs PJ Teacher of PE & Sports Ambassador [email protected]
L Meek LM Teacher of PE & Dance [email protected]


A Hallifax ASH Head of Department [email protected]
A Bond ABO Second in Department [email protected]
A Adams AA Head of KS3 Science [email protected]
J Tate JCT Head of Chemistry [email protected]
S Amliwala SA Teacher of Science [email protected]
R McNaughton RMN Teacher of Science [email protected]
K Pancholi KP Teacher of Science [email protected]
H Rasmussen HMR Teacher of Science [email protected]
G Mullarkey GM Teacher of Science [email protected]
L Albone LA3 Teacher of Science [email protected]

Cover Supervisors

S Clarke SC Cover Supervisor [email protected]
P Oates PO Cover Supervisor [email protected]

Special Educational Needs & disabilities Team

E Phipp EP Assistant Headteacher & Director of Inclusion [email protected]
R Kitchen RJK Assistant SENDCO [email protected]
E Mound EM Senior Higher Level Teaching Assistant [email protected]
H Gunter HG SEND Administrator [email protected]