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Art & Design

Statement of Intent 

The Art and Design Department at John Ferneley College is committed to delivering an accessible and engaging curriculum to all pupils. We promote an environment that encourages expression, innovation and risk-taking so that our students grow in confidence, and become resourceful, independent learners with skills relevant to the 21st Century workplace. As pupils develop a more rigorous understanding of the art and design process, our priority is for pupils to become critical thinkers and problem solvers who are not afraid of making mistakes.  

High-calibre art and design education engages, inspires, and challenges pupils, equipping them with the analytical knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of art and design.  

As an inter-disciplinary subject, our pupils are also encouraged to learn the value of art and design from a broader perspective, gaining a deeper understanding for how the industry reflects our society and how it has shaped our history.  

Pupils will be taught: 

  • To use a range of techniques and other media as a basis for exploring their ideas, producing creative work including painting and design drawings 

  • To record their observations in sketchbooks or design portfolios 

  • To increase their proficiency in the handling of different materials, techniques, and tools 

  • To analyse and evaluate their work, and that of others, to improve the visual impact of their own work or its application effectiveness 

  • To understand the history of art, craft, design including major movements from ancient times to present day. 

  • To evaluate creative works using the language of art, craft, and design 

Click here to be taken to our 2021-2022 Year 11 Art Exhibition.

Subject journey

Please find below a copy of the learning journeys for each year.