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School Transport

If you live over 3 miles from John Ferneley College, you will need to contact Leicestershire County Council School Transport department to apply for a bus pass on any of their available routes.

Click here to be taken to the Leicestershire County Council school transport site.

If you have lost or misplaced your existing bus pass, please go to the school reception desk at lunch or break time and a temporary one will be issued while you await a replacement.

Please do not attempt to travel on the bus without a valid bus pass.

JFC 1 SOUTH SIDE BUS SERVICE - JOHN FERNELEY MANAGED SERVICE, operated by g and g travel, melton mowbray

We operate a bus route for students living on the south side of town and along the A607, to and from Thurmaston. 

Please see timetable below:

If your child/children wishes to use this service, they will now need to pre-pay for their journeys. This is done in number of journeys, not as a weekly pass, so that students will only pay for the journey(s) that they use (so if they have an after school club, they will not be charged).

Please note ticket prices are kept in regular review.

Prices for tickets

You can buy in blocks of 10 journeys (enough for a full week of return journeys) at the following prices:

Zone 1

1 x 10 journey ticket = £13.50 (equal to £1.35 per journey)

4 x 10 journey tickets = £52 (equal to £1.30 per journey)

10 x 10 journey tickets = £125 (equal to £1.25 per journey)

Zone 2

1 x 10 journey ticket = £23.50 (equal to £2.35 per journey)

4 x 10 journey tickets = £92 (equal to £2.30 per journey)

10 x 10 journey tickets = £225 (equal to £2.25 per journey)

Please go to your School Gateway account to purchase tickets.

Please note:

  • You can buy your bus pass online via School Gateway. 
  • If you don’t manage to buy in time – don’t panic! Please pay via School Gateway and contact [email protected]. You will be able to collect your ticket(s) from John Ferneley Reception/Student Services.
  • Once we have started the new term and you wish to purchase further tickets, please note that you must purchase your ticket 48 hours in advance of needing a new ticket – so always keep topped up! Our administration team will deliver the ticket(s) directly to children once we start back at school.
  • Please keep tickets safe as we are unable to replace them if they are lost.
  • Spaces for this service are limited. Once we reach the maximum number of students who have bought tickets for Zone 1 and Zone 2, we will only be able to sell more when a student no longer requires this service.