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Options for gcse study

This is an exciting period in your child's school career where you have the opportunity to make decisions and choices about some of the courses they will follow over the next two years, which will ultimately shape the future pathway through education and into the world of work. You will no doubt be aware that all students have to remain in some form of education, training, or employment with training until they are 18 years old. It is, therefore, more essential than ever that this first stage of the decision making about your child's education is taken very seriously and with all the support that we can provide.

Courses available to KS4 students:
  • Art
  • Computer Science
  • Design and Technology
  • Drama 
  • English
  • Enterprise and Marketing
  • French
  • GCSE Business
  • GCSE Dance
  • GCSE PE 
  • Geography
  • Health and Social Care
  • History
  • iMedia 
  • Maths
  • Media 
  • Music
  • Science
  • Spanish
  • Sports Studies