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HEad of Year Team

On entry to John Ferneley College each year group is led by a Head of Year Team. Our Head of Year Teams are there every day throughout your son/daughter's journey at John Ferneley College and focus specifically on behaviour, attitude to learning and support of students. As well as your child's tutor, our Head of Year team will be on hand daily to answer your queries, and help support your child in school day-to-day.

Please note our Heads of Year are also teachers and could be teaching throughout the school day. They will aim to respond to your emails within 24 hours. 

Please see key pastoral contact details below for each year group:




Head of Year 7

Mr Shyam Amliwala [email protected]

Assistant Head of Year 7

Mrs Sonia Teesdale [email protected]

Head of Year 8

Miss Lyndsey Meek [email protected] 

Assistant Head of Year 8

Kaylee Shotton  [email protected]

Head of Year 9

Mrs Danielle Hibbitt [email protected]

Assistant Head of Year 9

Mrs Marie Feeney [email protected]

Head of Year 10

Mrs Kim Seed [email protected]

Assistant Head of Year 10

Mrs Lesley Hanson [email protected]

Head of Year 11

Mr Jon Beaver [email protected]

Assistant Head of Year 11

Mrs Jennie Herbert [email protected]