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Media studies

Subject intent

The media plays a central role in contemporary society and culture. It shapes our perceptions of the world through the representations, viewpoints and messages they offer.

Our aim in delivering the Media Studies curriculum is to equip our students with knowledge that will allow them to appreciate, scrutinise and evaluate the vast amount of media that vies for their attention each day.  Through a course designed to be interactive and engaging, students will develop their understanding of the cultural context that effects the media we consume. 

Through studying a range of historical and contemporary media platforms, students will understand and engage with the representation of issues affecting their lives today, whilst developing a rich knowledge of the cultural shifts that have shaped media in the last century.

Students will have the skills to take a critical and analytical view of media industries across a wide variety of media forms, and gain insight into the process of creating media texts, understanding the practical elements of research and production. By the end of the course, our students will be equipped with the knowledge to understand and shape the role that media plays in their lives.

Subject journey