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Subject intent

We believe that every student at John Ferneley College deserves the opportunity to access a knowledge rich Science curriculum that ignites curiosity and stimulates enquiry. Our ambition is for every student to see the application of their scientific knowledge in the world around them, whilst seeing how the uses and implications of science today can have an impact on the future.


At the start of John Ferneley College we build upon knowledge and skills developed at primary to enable fundamentals to be secured. After our lab skills induction, Year 7 begin by studying topics across all three sciences (biology, chemistry and physics) which leads to Year 8 where topics are studied in more depth.

With the foundation knowledge having been secured at KS3, our KS4 curriculum begins at Year 9 and develops over 3 years to enable in depth teaching. Specialist teachers will deliver the curriculum in a logically sequenced order throughout the three years.

Our aim is that in each year the students are at John Ferneley College they can see their knowledge in all three sciences expanding.


At the end of Year 11 our aim is that our curriculum has supported students in their next step for their future choices.

Subject journey