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Subject intent

Our universe is made of galaxies so huge and numerous they are almost impossible to imagine, down to organisms so small a billion would fit across the width of a human hair. The complex interactions between the largest and smallest items in our universe determine everything about our very existence. 

Since humans started to walk this planet, they have tried to understand how and why things work and, almost unlike any other organism, have continuously endeavoured to see how they can utilise new knowledge to enhance their society.  

This knowledge of how things work is called Science (the word comes from the Latin ‘Scire’ – to know). Its understanding enables people and societies to make better decisions about both their own lives, and also how their endeavours and innovations could influence generations to come. 

Our ambition is for every student to see the application of their scientific knowledge in the world around them and to see how their decisions and contributions, big or small, affect the sustainability and quality of our lives and the ecosystems our species will rely on for its future. 

Subject journey