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Subject intent

A high quality PE curriculum is important to all students to inspire them to succeed and excel in Physical Education, from competitions, leadership opportunities and trying something new. Physical Education allows pupils to improve their confidence in supporting their own health and fitness. Building character and improving knowledge in important values, such as fairness and respect, are a vital part of our curriculum.  

The school offer a range of activities and opportunities in PE, from competitive sport to leadership opportunities, in a fun and engaging environment with high quality teaching. Students will learn a range of key terms which will allow them to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in a range of different activities. By the end of their time at John Ferneley College, we want students to be competent in a range of activities and have a broad and balanced bank of key terms to improve their health and well-being, promote active participation and lifelong learning.  

We aim to ensure that the children’s experience of Physical Education is positive and motivating and that children’s attitudes to a healthy lifestyle are firmly embedded in our curriculum. Through links with clubs in the local area we want students to have the information needed to join and develop their social skills in a range of activities in the local community.  

We offer opportunities in Key Stage 4 for students to continue their studies in PE. We offer GCSE PE, GCSE Dance and a Cambridge National qualification in Sport Studies. Both courses are favoured by further education settings. These courses allow students to deepen their knowledge in Physical Education looking at a range of different topics both theoretically and practically.  

How is this implemented? 

Key Stage 3

Students will receive 2 hours a week of physical education completing two different activities a week for 7 weeks. Activities will be varied and meet the needs of all pupils in the lesson. The PE department is experienced at meeting students individual needs and pushing students beyond their potential. PE lessons will progress from Year 7-9 retrieving information to create a bank of key skills, knowledge and understanding for each activity. 

Assessment is completed every half term. This is completed on a students physical ability, their cognitive ability and theoretical ability on key terms/skills learnt over the half term. It is important for all students to have the time to reflect upon their own and others performances and this is shown in lessons through group, individual and peer feedback.  

Key Stage 4

All Key Stage 4 pupils will receive 1 hour a week of core PE. The aim of this is to continue their knowledge and understanding of the importance of health and wellbeing. Students who decide to continue their studies in Physical Education and Dance will be taught by high quality teachers in a range of practical and theoretical lessons based on the specification of the course. We currently offer: GCSE PE, GCSE Dance and Sport Studies. 


The school offer a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities with our own Sports Ambassador who makes sure students have the opportunities available throughout the school year in a range of competitive and leadership settings. There are also a wide range of recreational opportunities to come and learn and develop skills in a range of different activities. The school is part of a varsity league which competes in a range of activities with local secondary schools. We also offer inspirational PE trips at John Ferneley College.

Impact of PE

Students enjoy PE at John Ferneley College and this is evident in the number of students who wish to study the subject at Key Stage 4.

The number of students competing in extra-curricular activities is high and the recreational clubs are also very popular. The department are always willing to give as many students as many opportunities as possible. The success in the varsity leagues and national cups/leagues also has an impact on the positive learning experience we are providing in PE to all students.   

Subject journey